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About us

We are devoting to advancement of electronics through provision of high quality wire harness

Representative Director

In the age of highly advanced information world, the technology of electronics keeps evolving ever more. Along with such technological evolution, the demand for higher quality wire harness and solenoid, the backbone of electronics products is also on the demand.
In order to respond to such needs of the market, Kowa Denzai-Sha, have been steadily supplying reliable wire harnesses, solenoids and a variety of products backed by our superior technology and notable work record.

Our corporate vision is "To keep challenging globally, to the future and for the higher possibility". We indeed keep challenging relentlessly for advancement of the field of electronics, and keep creating the superior technology dedicating to the society.

Tomokazu Taniguchi, Representative Director




Kowa Denzai-Sha Ltd.


6-21-4 Nishi Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0051 Japan
Phone +81-3-5711-7171
Fax +81-3-3736-5357


Kawachi factory

3580 Manaita, Kawachi Machi, Inashiki, Ibaraki 300-1331 Japan
Phone +81-297-84-2261
Fax +81-297-84-2380


Overseas facilities

Karawang City Indonesia


Desa Gintung Kerta Kec.Klari, karawang Timur Jawa Barat Indnesia.
Phone +62-267-431788
banner Fax +62-267-43178




49 Tannery Lane #05-06 Singapore 347796
Phone +65-6842-1561
FAX +65-6842-5106



October, 1975

Paid-In Capital

30million Japanese Yen

Annual Sales

1.140 billion Japanese Yen(as of end of March 2011)


Wire harness/cable production/assembly for information communication
equipments and industrial machineries
Sales and manufacturing of electric wire/cable, solenoid, coil (overseas production)


Tomokazu Taniguchi, Representative Director
Koji Taniguchi, Director
Fumiji Taniguchi, Director
Yasushi Taniguchi, Auditor



Trading banks

Mizuho Bank Kamata branch SMBC Kamata Nishi branch
Mizuho Bank Hamamatsucho branch Joyo Bank Ryugasaki branch
BOTM UFJ Kamata branch Jonan Credit Union Hasunuma branch


October, 1975 Kowa Denzai-Sha Ltd. was founded at Nishi Kamata Ota-ward Tokyo for sales of electric wire and harness production.
November, 1975 Machida factory was established in Machida Tokyo for production of wire harness for calculator as its main product
December, 1976 Production of wire harness for photocopier initiated.
July, 1980 Ryugasaki factory was established in Ryugasaki Ibaraki as a management facility with an aim to reduce logistics cost.
August, 1984 Kawachi factory was established in Kawachi Inashiki Ibaraki for establishment of automation and quality assurance system.
October, 1986 Floor addition to Kawachi factory for material management center
May, 1990 UL (Underwriter's Laboratory) certification obtained for expansion of sales of wire harness in North America
March, 1993 Management dept. relocated from Ryugasaki to Kawachi factory with addition of new floor to improve efficiency and centralizing production
September, 1993 PT. HARMONICS TECHINDO AGUNG established near Jakarta Indonesia to be competitive on production cost
September, 1996 Singapore office established as the hub of SE Asian sale and material supply center
November, 1996 Completion of HQ building
May, 1999 Incorporating of Singapore office to ORLANE INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD.
April, 2005 Kyoto office established to strengthening Kansai region customer support.
June 2007 Kawachi factory certified with Eco-Stage as a result of environment measure activities