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Halogen free electric wire

Amongst countries who have adopted recycling laws for environmental measures, it has been an essential issue to develop products to comply with the law.
In today's PVC wires, halogen substance (chlorine) is used on the wire sheathing; there is a possibility of producing toxic gas when incinerated.
There has been a rise for a need in halogen free electric wire producing no toxic gas upon disposition.


At Kowa Denzai-Sha, we manufacture high quality halogen free wire harness employing our precision manufacturing technique and cooperation with electric wire makers.
Assisting wire manufacturers in product development Halogen free electric wire has a tendency to be weaker on strength and torsibility compared to conventional PVC wire.
Electric wire makers are actively improving the performance of halogen free products; we are assisting development with provision of our complete facility for testing.
T he result of the tests is fed back into actual production for the advancement of halogen free wire production technology.


RoHS compliant

Environmental measure.

Our products are in compliance with EU RoHS Directive. We manufacture products that are safe and may be assured by all customers.

EU RoHS Directive