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Our superior technology is working in a variety of electronics products.

Contributions to office equipment

Today, we are virtually surrounded with electronics at work. Photo copier, computer printer, facsimile machine etc··· Kowa Denzai-Sha's wire harness is working in many of these equipments.
You may not notice so often, because they are placed inside; but harness is working just like an artery of these equipments.

Without harness, electronics equipments will never function properly Our facility is equipped with machine tools as small as AWG32 wire; for many years, we have been providing harnesses for products used in your daily living like digital camera.


In many of the famous brand products you have seen on TV, in newspaper and at your local electronics stores, Kowa harness is being used most of the products.

We can mass produce using our full automatic terminal crimping and pressure welding machines.
We provide high quality products of the latest spec through participation in development tests of cable manufactures with use of these machines.

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