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Our solenoid is designed, tested and mass produced in our Indonesian factory, having advantage on the cost performance.


Our local staff with abundance of knowledge and experience for extensive period of time is in charge of production; you'll be assured of the quality and performance.
As you know, unlike a motor which makes rotational movement, a solenoid is a machine component that makes reciprocal movement.
Solenoid is an essential part in various automations, whether it's an automobile or office equipment, solenoid is widely used everywhere.
The automatic player of the upright piano is responsible of solenoid.


The auto lock on the hotel room door, the moving toys in amusement park, a coin locker, or the coin sorter in vending machine, they are all put in function with solenoids. In order to provide apposite function without failure, we are supply the high quality solenoid in electric and electronic products you use every day. (Thus, in the field of the solenoid, we Kowa's materials electrical appliances in our daily lives today, to work properly. We continue to supply high-quality parts.